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'Das Kind' documentary reveals true story of WW2 resistance movement

Das Kind to get Paris Screening

Director Yonathan Levy's highly acclaimed 'Das Kind' documentary reveals one of the most iconic stories of the 20th century: the resistance movement's enlisting of Wehrmacht soldiers. Narrated by the last known survivor of the cause, 97 year old Irma Miko takes us on a journey into her past from her place of birth, in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire.

As we take a look back at Miko's life, we travel across Europe to discover her ambitions to become a concert pianist, and how she joined the communist cause in Romania and trained as a resistance fighter.

With the rise of fascism, Irma's new mission was to enlist Nazi soldiers into the resistance movement, but she soon travelled to Paris as nationalist sentiment swept Romania in 1939, and the war broke out. After the Nazi invasion of France, and the fall of Paris in June 1940, the foreign resistance movement was actively working to get soldiers of the Wehrmacht to abandon their ranks, and to disarm. It was a highly dangerous mission as anti-semitism swept Europe during WW2, but 'soft diplomacy' was fighting it's way through during the Holocaust, and Irma's journey shows how people risked all to save lives.

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'Das Kind' will screen at the Cinéma de Balzac in Paris on the Champs Elysées from the 24th February at 11am. There will be 2 projections, with a 2nd showing on the 3rd of March. Director Yonathan Levy will attend both screenings to present the film.

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