DarwinBeats app about to change the way people discover music

DarwinBeats, a new music app launched today, is about to fundamentally change the way people discover songs.

The DarwinBeats music app helps artists get feedback for their tracks while songs get voted up or down depending on how they are received.

Songs that get up-voted will climb the charts on DarwinBeats while those that get down-voted will lose rank.

The app gives artists the opportunity to get massive exposure depending on how the community engages with their songs. Traditionally only a handful of artists can reach big audiences and have significant PR and marketing power behind them. This makes it hard for up and coming artists to get discovered.


For the first time, music artists won't have to compete with major labels or spend significant amounts of marketing money to gain attention. Instead it will be the listeners that will decide who they feel deserves the recognition by voting on individual tracks.

Over 2500 artists have uploaded their music to the app pre-launch while the startup has amassed more than 30,000 fans on social media.


To find out more about DarwinBeats check out the official website and download the free app here.

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