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'Dark Knight Rises' earning £3 million a day in the UK

The Dark Knight Rises dominates UK box office

The Dark Knight Rises continues to sway audiences at the UK box office with the film taking in an additional £7 million bringing it's total to a whopping £30 million.

Since its release 10 days ago the film has managed to average a daily total of £3 million. According to the BBC 'The Dark Knight Rises' has grossed the highest earnings at the box office in 2012.

With Olympic fever gripping the whole of the UK the web buzz for the film has not died away. In fact, I was just at the Gaumont Cinema here in Paris yesterday and all screenings for the film were sold out, even a week after release. Batman fever continues...

Despite the horiffic Batman shootings in America, 'The Dark Knight Rises' is on course to cross $750 million at the international box office. Earnings could reach $1 billion but it is too early to speculate.

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