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Daniel Craig injured on the set of 'Spectre'

Daniel Craig has been injured on the production of 'Spectre' creating a delay in the shoot after a fight scene went wrong.

The British actor sustained a knee injury after being thrown during a fight choreography which forced producers to halt filming and send extras home according to the Huffington Post.

With the production budget under scrutiny following the Sony hack, and the problems in Rome with permissions to shoot at a graveyard, James Bond 24 has hit a few road bumps in recent weeks.

It is unclear how severe the injury is but there could be considerable costs if Craig is unable to walk or perform in certain scenes until he recovers.

The accident, although less severe than the trauma Harrison Ford experienced last year on the set of Star Wars 7, will add pressure on the film to re-schedule scenes and potentially push back the release if Craig is out of action for several weeks.

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