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Daniel Craig and The Queen make movie history


James Bond sketch makes history

It was a sketch no one could imagine; actor Daniel Craig and the Queen featured in a cut scene during the 2012 Olympic games opening. The concept was funny, edgy, and it gave audiences a thrill.

The Queen made her first acting role in probably the most viewed ‘short film” she’s ever been in. Danny Boyle praised her for being “very helpful and very sharp” during the filming. Craig and the Queen worked well together, and the scene broke the “Royal etiquette” in style.

On top of the collaboration, the scene was then timed with a live stunt, as a skydiver dressed as the queen leaped out of a helicopter over the Olympic Stadium. The Queen then appeared at the games with a massive applause. It was a classic Bond opening for a ceremony many predicted would be a ‘low budget’ affair.

Danny Boyle delivered what few could imagine was possible and the London 2012 Games opened in style. With that said, enjoy the rest of the 2012 Olympic Games!

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