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Daily Mail changes tactic after George Clooney wins PR battle

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Following on from George Clooney's widely supported critique of the Daily Mail the newspaper appears to have taken note at an editorial level by releasing a positive spin on the latest updates surrounding the actor's personal life.

After George Clooney wrote two separate public letters on USA Today condemning the Daily Mail's 'fabricated' journalism, the actor's fiancée suddenly became admired and adored by the paper in an article released this evening.

The news story highlights a graduation picture recently released of Amal Alamuddin dating back over 10 years, with a positive overview of her:

"The Lebanese-born lawyer certainly has proved over the years that she has both brains and beauty as she initially graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Jurisprudence from St. Hugh's College, Oxford…."

The article then highlights how she wouldn't have pictured herself being engaged, "to one of the most eligible men in Hollywood."

Towards the conclusion, the journalist references Clooney's activism and future wedding plans with an image of Alamuddin along with the quote :

"Brains: The Lebanese-born lawyer has carved out an enviable career in international law"

What a reversal from last week! Did Clooney successfully win hearts and minds to change the way people perceive him and his loved ones? He certainly scored big points when many major papers including The Guardian, Daily Beast and The New Yorker backed his arguments.

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