Daily Mail breaks records becoming the world's biggest newspaper

Mail Online the biggest news site in the world

The Mail Online (Daily Mail) has become the world's largest newspaper after statistics were revealed showing the website had grown by 41% year on year.

With a recorded 105 million unique visitors in the month of August, the Mail Online has successfully outpaced any rival in the world. With an average of 6.5 million people browsing the website per day, it just goes to show how the magazine's influence has captured online audiences like no other.

To put that in perspective, a major newspaper like the Metro gets 370k people a day, or 8.6 million readers a month. Still, those numbers are sensationally high, and outpace virtually all entertainment magazines.

One of the key factors that boosted the Mail Online's web visibility was the coverage of this year's London 2012 Olympics. With that leverage, the paper has gained a global foothold, and outpaces websites like the Guardian, The Sun, and the Telegraph. In fact, if you put every top UK newspaper in the same chart (The Guardian, The Independent and The Telegraph) their combined traffic would not outpace the Mail Online.

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