Tom Cruise Comeback in Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol

Tom Cruise makes his big comeback this week in Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol after much hype surrounding the latest installment.

The film, which was shot in many locations around the world including Dubai, promises to be a spectacular event for fans of the previous movies. Cruise yet again proves himself worthy of this year’s last major blockbuster after having trained rigorously for the fourth installment. Pictures were released earlier this year showing cruise ‘climbing’ sky scrappers in Dubai among many other feats of sheer bravery.

The Mission Impossible movies have been hugely successful thanks to some of the best stunt work in the industry. The spectacular highflying adventure of the Mission Impossible movies always pushes the boundaries of action and suspense. Tom Cruise has been at the centre of that world since starring in1995 hit ‘Mission Impossible’ and after 16 years, it’s just a testament to how well the actor has done to keep himself at the top of his game. And on top of that, he’s supposedly shooting ‘Top Gun 2’ next year, the sequel to yet another classic action movie that set new standards in the 80s.

Mission Impossible 4 : Ghost Protocol Trailer

Synopsis: The stakes couldn’t be higher in Mission Impossible 4 as Ethan Hunt leads his team to uncover the truth about a bombing of the Kremlin. The international implications could set off a chain reaction of catastrophes and time is running out to solve the crisis.

MI4 Ghost Protocol opens Nationwide (US) on 21st December

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