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Connecticut shooting: Children being interviewed is a disgrace


18 children reported dead

A gunman has attacked and killed 24 people at an elementary school in Connnecticut and in the immediate aftermath children are being interviewed about the tragedy for national media.

You would think we'd learned something from the Batman shootings, but nothing has changed in American society regarding gun control. However, putting young children in front of the camera for ratings, and to re-live this horrific massacre is in itself a tragedy. Why is this happening today?

Surely the psychological effects of being interviewed on a day like this is completely harrowing for anyone who has witnessed and survived this ordeal. Where do we draw the line with media ethics? Why is this even being allowed? It's one thing to get the story out, but it's another thing to put people who are horrified, scared and traumatized on TV. I'm shocked that this is happening..and it shouldn't be aired in my view.

If you had just witnessed a horrific massacre would you be excited to talk about it to your heart's content? I doubt it.

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