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Comedy starring Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock and Cameron Diaz?

Chick flick comedy project

Former Friends star Jennifer Aniston, 'Gravity' sensation Sandra Bullock and 'The Bad Teacher' Cameron Diaz are looking to star in a film comedy project.

The popular actresses who have many cult films to their name would be an ideal combo for that one special comedy yet-to-be-made.

Seen as 'Hollywood rivals' each actress has the ability to draw a huge crowd, but as of yet, all three haven't joined forces to make the ultimate comedy movie.

According to the Daily Mail, producer Peter Chernin, is looking for a way to get the team into one picture.

Radar Online revealed that due to the runaway success of 'The Heat' and 'Bridesmaids' there was real potential for the trio to pull off a buddy chick comedy.

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'Gravity' starring Sandra Bullock was one of this year's biggest hits, and the actress continues to be a draw at the box office. Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz also remain very successful.

Could a 'buddy chick flick' work in a comedy setting?

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