CNN Relationship expert gets eyeballed after defending catcalls

Steven Santagati made the biggest mistake of his career defending the concept of catcalling on a CNN over the weekend. Anchor Fredricka Whitfield hosted the panel which also featured Amanda Seales, who gave the most visually accurate response to his interpretation of the Hollaback! advocacy video.

Following on from the highly debated 'harassment in NYC' video, actress Shoshana Roberts faced rape threats and online bullying but has since spoken to Access Hollywood stating that:

"It's the majority of people that support me and are proud of me and are behind me and want to share their stories. I encourage everyone to share their stories 'cause again, my story is not unique," she said."

So what would it be like for men to be in the same situation? Buzzfeed decided to produce a video that shows exactly what would happen.

(video missing)

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