CNN and MSNBC ratings battles : Should they include the web?

The constant speculation over TV ratings has long been a favourite topic of discussion; but what about the influence of the web?

When it comes to record sales, digital sales now make up the full figure of chart sales, so why do TV ratings not include internet stats?

One thing that would change the demographic of ratings is CNN. They may not be the top TV network for viewership ratings; but their website is. And with one of the biggest news sites in the world, it’s hard to come even close to them, even if you're Fox or MSNBC.

So should website daily audiences stats be included in the run along with audience demographics for TV programs? Don’t forget there is also online participation now creeping into live TV coverage.

When it comes to Piers Morgan ratings versus Keith Olbermann’s Countdown figures, audiences make up part of the web's influence. So far, Keith has excelled in his opening on Current TV, but the web doesn't get a seperate measure. Twitter integration, facebook chats, live blogs. It’s all new. How do we quantify stats over a TV show from the web? Surely the real stats are much higher than right now?

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