George Clooney on his way up again at Golden Globes?

© HFPALOS ANGELES Hollywood actor George Clooney is nominated for Best Performance at this year's Golden Globes for his portrayal of Ryan Bingham, a man who's job it is to travel around the country firing people, until one day, his company unexpectedly grounds him.

Up In The Air couldn't have come at a better time with the doom and gloom of the recession irking its way into every facet of American culture, with companies shedding jobs nationwide and industries going under.

Clooney's recent comedic outings in Leatherheads and Burn After Reading failed to garner the critical acclaim that Up in the air has received, and with awards season off to an exciting start, George may be in for a great year.

Co-star Vera Farmiga is also nominated for best supporting actress. Up In The Air leads this year s Golden Globes Awards with six nominations.

The Golden Globe Awards will be broadcast today. To find out more about screening times visit their website.

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