Clint Eastwood and Barack Obama duel


It was a moment we didn't expect : Clint Eastwood re-writing his speech live at the Republican National Convention and a 'Presidential' response on Twitter.

The Hollywood actor and 'Dirty Harry' star was one of the highlights of the RNC, but his prepared speech, which had been 'meticulously planned' went way off course into the unknown.

Clint Eastwood drew awe from the crowd when he fabricated a sketch where he began to talk to an empty chair with Barack Obama sitting opposite. Referring to the invisible commander in Chief, he told him :

"I think it's maybe time. Would you think…for maybe a business man? How about that?…A stellar business man, quote un-quote."

"I think if you if you kind of stepped aside, and Mr Romney can kinda take over you can still use the plane..though maybe a smaller one, not that big gas guzzler you're driving around…"

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In response to the speech, Barack Obama's official Twitter page announced:

"This seat's taken".

Included in the tweet was a picture of the President in his chair facing away from camera. It has already been shared 25000 times on Twitter alone.

Eastwood has definitely made a loud noise on both sides of the political spectrum. Will his support for Mitt Romney help him in the long run?

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