Chuck Norris goes viral on Twitter : Can he fly a parked car?

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris fans bring quotes to the spotlight

The cult power of Chuck Norris shows no limits. After bashing Obama over boy scouts today, the conservative actor is taking his hotheaded words right into the discussion of the web.

We also cannot forget that Chuck Norris is about to deliver cult one-liners in Expendables 2, which could put a hole in the web from viral quotes. Norris has successfully sealed himself in the hall of online fame with his fans. He's become the centre of parody time and time again, and Norrisaholics have been creating unrealistic, over-the-top quotes based on what he can do. With that very idea alone, Chuck Norris is one of the web’s most viral cult action stars. There's so much that can be done..

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