Must watch video - 7 million people tune into Chuck Norris' Epic split


Chuck Norris Epic Split is classic

Jean Claude Van Damme has been beaten by the acrobatic power, and scientifically impossible ability of Chuck Norris doing his own epic split.

This sensational, over-the-sky video parody is so out there, it actually questions the laws of physics Van Damme was talking about in his own 'Epic Split'.

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In the new version, Chuck Norris (animated) is seen doing the splits between two military transport planes at high altitude whilst maintaining a perfect balance with several paratroopers standing on his head.

Chuck Norris : Epic Split video

You may notice that this is not Chuck Norris' voice. Did the team behind this video get the approval from the Norris himself?

Check out this Epic Split parody in comparison:

Rob Ford : Epic Split video

Full interview with the creators of 'The Epic Split with Rob Ford'

What do you guys think?

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