Christmas present for Wesley Snipes is jail

MIAMI, USA - For Wesley Snipes, Christmas this year will feel much less appealing as he begins a prison sentence for massive tax evasion.

The action star, who has avoided the sentence for the past 2 years on bail was ordered to go to jail. Just before he headed behind bars, Snipes went on Larry King Live to talk about the tax fraud charges.

While the actor has repeatedly defended his case and accusing prosecutors of using him as a scapegoat for people who break tax laws, the case has been a rollercoaster ride for the media, speculating when and how he will deal with the sentence.

This is another thing that has been misreported: It has been framed that I was a conspirator and that I was an architect in a scheme by an organization that has been characterized as tax protesters," -

Wesley Snipes movies trivia (spoiler beware)

In Wesley Snipes' movies, his characters are often either pursued by the law or are wrongly convicted.

As an operative for the UN's covert squad in 'The Art Of War', Snipes' character Shaw is soon framed for murder of China's ambassador and must evade the FBI to prove his innocence.

In 'US Marshals' co-starring Tommy Lee Jones, Snipes is seen as a prime suspect in the murder of several agents, until a conspiracy is uncovered which shows he is not the culprit.

Opposite Sean Connery in 'Rising Sun', Snipes also faces a domestic lawsuit whilst on the job to solve a murder.

1993 hit 'Demolition Man' takes place in a futuristic Los Angeles, where Snipes plays a serial killer 'Simon Phoenix' and is released after serving a life sentence.

In 'Passenger 57' he is wrongly accused of being a terrorist before beating up cops to chase down the bad guys at a fairground.

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