Christmas Day woes : Charlie Sheen will spend it alone


Charlie Sheen : Going lower?

Charlie Sheen faces a Christmas alone after he was told he couldn't see his kids. Tweeting his rage, he shared with fans a picture of his very artfully decorated living room with multiple Christmas trees.

The former 'Two And a Half Men' star had everything prepared and was eager to see his kids on the magical day, but now he will have to sit on the sofa and sulk. Sheen was turned down by the kid's temporary guardian, Scott Mueller who reportedly hadn't given permission to let Charlie see them. However, TMZ reports that Denise Richards had told Sheen he could see them, and he should stop ranting and putting them into public arguments.

To add to the sulking, Sheen recently launched a Twitter assault against suspended A&E star Phil Robertson. But his angry comments have done little to prevent him from succeeding. In fact, several petitions have urged the star's return to TV.

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Sheen's Christmas has really taken a blow. Will Charlie be able to bounce back from an epic low? Time to put on a Santa costume…

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