Cheryl Cole wins victory after leaving the US X Factor in 2011

Cheryl Cole gets payout

2 years later and Cheryl Cole has finally won her battle against US X Factor producers following her departure from the show.

Back in 2011 Cheryl Cole was contracted to work on X Factor USA but was removed after just a single episode reportedly due to her accent which producers felt could not be understood by American audiences, however this was never confirmed by them. Her strong Newcastle accent was rumoured to be the primary reason for her losing the gig.

However, Cole didn't recognise this to be a legitimate reason for cancelling her contract. She subsequently sued Blue Orbit for £1.4 million.

The case has finally been settled outside of the courts according to the BBC.

The singer had been promised to receive a salary of just over £1 million for the first season of the show, and then an increase in the second season (£1.2m).

The settlement has not been disclosed however the singer's spokesman issued a statement saying that the legal dispute had now been "resolved amicably".

Cheryl Cole is currently promoting 'Songs for the Philippines', an album which features a host of songs from top artists around the world, to help raise money for the relief effort.

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