Charlie Sheen won't quit after Detroit, heads to Chicago

Charlie Sheen received an epic thumbs down on the first show of his Torpedo Tour in Detroit. The Two And A Half Men star turned F18 one-liner headline maker won't be giving up so soon.

So much debate has surfaced since his Detroit show appearance and now fans are thinking, will he flip in Chicago? This might take his tour to another catastrophic level, or the actor might recover his Bi-Winning mentality. In either case, it was always going to be difficult to live up to the expectations of what he spewed out on his infamous ABC interview.

Sheen ironically may not be radical enough for the fans who demand something completely ridiculous. Critics are waiting for Sheen to come up with something very different to Detroit's show, to save the Tour. Are you going to Sheen s sold-out Show at the Chicago Theatre?

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