Charlie Sheen wins in Connecticut after New York crash

Charlie Sheen has regained momentum once more after struggling to overcome boos and jeers in New York.

Connecticut was a vital tour date for Sheen, as he needed to prove that his magic formula was not lost, while many media outlets predicted his end was certain.

The Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour has been an unpredictable rollercoaster of genius, mixed with ego, but you can't count out Charlie Sheen just yet.

Receiving a standing ovation at the Oakdale theatre, Sheen called it his best show so far, and even brought a heckler on stage to sing the blues along to his harmonica.

There will be some criticism of Charlie Sheen because people are expecting a stand up act, which this is not. This kind of show is very unique, and doesn't have a format as such people can expect. Depending on the audience, and the mood of the night, Charlie Sheen should expect more divided opinions, but so far, he still has the edge in this highly thrilling tour, that has not been done before.

On top of that, once the tour has been finished, critics and fans can look back to see what Sheen achieved, despite that massive pressures, losing his job, fighting a drug addiction, overcoming very negative criticisms and dealing with multiple lawsuits. In some ways he made it harder for himself, but despite that, Charlie Sheen may eventually return to 'Two And A Half Men'.


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