Charlie Sheen turns into a personal newswire for Wendy Williams

Charlie Sheen is his own personal newswire

Charlie Sheen decided to use his Twitter account as a personal newswire to promote his presence on the Wendy Williams Show in another digital marketing push for himself.

The bi-winning, tigerblood powered actor was not afraid to tweet up his presence on the show, ahead of Thursday's 'Anger Management' premiere on the FX Network. Sheen, like many leading Hollywood actors has embraced online discussion and integrated it with his personal life. This also includes TV shows, appearances, baseball games, radio talks, rants, touching base with fans and more.

Both Sheen and Wendy decided to engage with online viewers to extend their message across to people. What's interesting about this particular instance is that we are seeing more and more interactivity between TV and online that didn't exist a year back.

Show hosts like Piers Morgan and Anderson Cooper have also embraced connecting with their fans and also included them in their show's experience. This trend is definitely set to continue, but Sheen has taken a lead in integrating his experiences with fans. Let's see if others can catch up.

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