Charlie Sheen to get fired from CBS show after cocaine spree?

Charlie Sheen has hit a new low in Vegas having spent 25k on Hookers in a cocaine filled weekend .

Sheen s popular Two And A Half Men is one of CBS most successful shows in recent years, and the actor is set to feature in 12 episodes in 2011. His contract was extended in 2010 for two years but his recent antics may cost him dearly.

The TV star faces an uphill battle to improve his image from this recent controversial episode of drug abuse and prostitute spending. Sheen has faced numerous challenges but his TV show has not been affected by his private life.

Charlie Sheen Private life a problem for networks

Despite Charlie Sheen s show remaining a popular part of American TV culture, the star s private life has a major negative impact on his credibility.

As the press digests this recent news, the bigger question is should a star s private life affect decisions made about his career in future episodes?

Also, for CBS, one of America s most highly regarded networks, to have a star in one of their shows that makes headlines for doing everything wrong , is an ethical issue.

Sponsors dropped Chris Brown after his domestic assault on Rihanna, and Charlie Sheen s image may negatively affect advertisers who are associated with the program.

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