Charlie Sheen settles Two And a Half Men paycheck

The moment of truth has finally come as Charlie Sheen is reportedly expecting a big $25 million paycheck to cover lost revenue from Two And a Half Men.

As the new show gets on the road, Charlie Sheen's 'exploded body' becomes part of TV history, and now the 'bi-winning' actor can give a sigh of relief, after dealing with an epic candy-induced rollercoaster PR campaign against Chuck Lorre and Warner Bros.

The full details of the settlement have not been disclosed publicly as of yet, but Charlie Sheen famously demanded $100 million for money owed to him from lost episodes. Still, getting even close to a quarter of that is more than enough to buy a lifetime subscription to rehab, but that's not where Charlie's going.

What will the 'Two And A Half Men' star seek to accomplish now that he has successfully received his cash, won the twitter hall of fame, and taken the web by storm?

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