Charlie Sheen reaches out to Brett Ratner

When all’s going wrong, and nothing seems possible you can always count on Charlie Sheen to turn things around. Director Brett Ratner recently lost one of the best gigs of his life: to produce the Oscars.

Charlie Sheen

Due to some unfortunate comments at a Q and A for his ‘Tower Heist’ movie, he was soon forced to resign from the show however let's move on from this story. What’s really ‘epic’ and ‘winning’ is getting a pat on the back from Charlie Sheen with a positive endorsement. I can’t think of a better win after such a huge career misfire.

Charlie Sheen to Brett Ratner on twitter:


"You rock @BrettRatner listened to @HowardStern Thanks for defending the painful genius of @LindsayLohan, Robert Downey jr & The Sheenius!"

When Sheen took all the beating he could from the media, he just turned up the volume and not only got back millions of dollars from his lost ‘2 And A Half Men’ episodes, but he then managed to unite more than 5 million people on his twitter. There are some celebrities worth mentioning because of their sheer defiance over ridiculous odds, and Charlie Sheen is just one of the few who can do it.

While Ratner may have to lay low, he is a talented director, and his abilities are in high demand in Hollywood. His movies have been huge successes and it would be very unfortunate to see him out of action because of his resignation from the Oscars. Who knows, maybe Sheen and Ratner can collaborate on a short comedy and spoof their own career ups and downs?

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