Charlie Sheen Most Entertaining person of the year

Charlie Sheen took the entertainment world by storm earlier this year when he was fired from ‘Two And a Half Men’, and subsequently went on a media rampage to defend himself, and get his money back.

However, TV’s biggest star didn’t just stop there. He decided to take his one-liners from TV interviews to the stage, and went on his very own ‘Violent Torpedo of Truth’ tour, which received mixed reviews, but was a huge media draw. On top of that, his now infamous ABC interview became the subject of many internet parodies, which gave him inspiration to do his own. Sheen completed a ridiculous re-cut of his ABC interview, which attained millions of views and further boosted the star’s already ridiculous 24/7 coverage.

Then, on the success of a whirlwind media frenzy, Sheen took to twitter, and gained 1 million followers in less than 24 hours, breaking a world record. He then used his twitter account to gather support for his shows, his ideas, and remained in the spotlight for months. He eventually clawed back over $25 million from his former bosses on episodes he would have done if he hadn’t had been fired due to his crazy off-screen antics.

Sheen’s iconic catch phrases ‘winning’, ‘bi-winning’, and ‘bi-polar’, became the coolest one-liners, imitated by many, including young celebrities like Justin Bieber. The popularity swing for Sheen is probably one of the most entertaining stories I have ever seen. Not everyone will agree with this since Sheen has a bad image of past drug abuse and paying for ‘adult services’, but the story of his life has been one of the most thrilling in living memory.

Who do you think was most entertaining person of the year?

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