Charlie Sheen makes ABC interview spoof of himself

Charlie Sheen enters the news yet again for his self-induced sugar coma turned tigerblood spoof against himself.

The Two And A Half Men star as armed his torpedoes of truth in this ridiculous, self inflicted humor episode that points fun at his infamous ABC interview.

With his next tour date scheduled for Cleveland, can Sheen keep the momentum he gained at the Chicago Theatre? With good reviews, random antics, and some totally off the wall comedy, the actor is becoming a one-man show we might never yet forget.

On top of his self-spoofs on youtube, many of his fans, and enemies have taken to the video sharing site to share their inner most fanatical impressions of him. From turbo remixes to warlock monologues, the web is buzzing with Sheenius .

Having broken a world record and put his entire celebrity persona in the online space, Sheen is one of the first actors to fully use the web's power of viral to its full potential.

Are you tired of reading about Charlie Sheen or do you want to hear and see more?

Charlie Sheen self parody interview

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