Charlie Sheen career over, CBS, Warner bros pull plug on TV show

Charlie Sheen officially ended his Two and a Half Men outing when he launched a tirade against the show s creator.

The troubled star has spiraled out of control in recent weeks with executives pondering how to deal with the remaining episodes yet to air.

It has been confirmed that Sheen won t receive any pay for the scrapped episodes, and the show will come to an end. Whether Sheen will continue to have a career after this melt down is uncertain, but one thing is for sure, the rant has ended his paycheck.

Will the star be able to afford the crazed lifestyle after losing millions of dollars?

Critics will be quick to applaud the firing of Sheen after months of controversy, but will his downfall mimic that of Mel Gibson s career failure ?

The difference this time is that Sheen purposely ranted to a public audience, whereas Gibson was caught off guard. Mel Gibson is likely to make a comeback this year.

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