Charlie Sheen breaks World record on twitter, beats Gaga & Bieber

Charlie Sheen s Tiger Blood body & soul has earned him a Guinness World Record, attaining 1 million twitter followers in just over 25 hours. Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber did not have the same viral success when they first joined.

The record-breaking boost is one of the most significant achievements in social media history and it just shows how one man can create a viral following of an enormous magnitude.

Sheen took to twitter on his recent media blitz as an additional machine to help him vent his winning and fans have raced to follow him.

How did this all happen? The viral power of his public controversy became a hot topic on social networks before he was signed onto twitter. Doing the rounds on ABC, Piers Morgan Tonight and radio interviews created a huge following of anticipation.

What is he going to say next? How amazing are these one liners?

Such intrigue over a man that personifies a rock star to the most extreme is now generating even more momentum around him, his personal life, and those of people he knows.

The world record was unexpected but what it does now is truly globalize the very topic of Charlie Sheen. This guy, until last week, did not have an international brand on the level he has now. He may recover his enormous paycheck after all with sponsored tweets , without breaking a bead of sweat from the cockpit if his F-18 .

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