Charlie Sheen's abandoned Twitter nation asks why?

Charlie Sheen leaves huge crater in Twittersphere

After leaving Twitter, Sheen fans have been tweeting daily asking "why did he quit?" After accumulating nearly 8 million followers and exceeding the population of many small nations, it's difficult to see the logic.

On one hand, the epic winning one liners were a daily amusement to the Sheeniverse, which couldn't let a single quote go un-shared. On the other, Sheen's updates on his work, his life stories and others were exciting and far more amusing than the bore we get from endless tweets about toast and cats. There's a big gap in Twitter left by his departure and it's just not as entertaining without a record breaker.

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But Sheen is not the only celebrity to 'quit'. Alec Baldwin has also left, come back, and left again. Will Charlie Sheen listen to the millions and make a comeback, or is “Dogspeed cadre. c out.” the final word.?

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