Chadwick Boseman thankful of “Whitewashing” criticism for Gods of Egypt

Actor Chadwick Boseman who plays Thoth in the upcoming “Gods of Egypt” has admitted he’s glad that the film was critiqued for whitewashing.

Earlier this month Boseman spoke with GQ about the film and had said that when he was approached to star in the picture he felt that the issue would come up. When it did the actor said that he agreed with it and that he was “thankful that it did.”

Lionsgate issued a public apology about the film’s casting which was universally panned for placing many European actors in the lead roles to play Egyptian characters.

“People don't make $140 million movies starring black and brown people,” said Boseman who touched on an industry-wide problem where big budget films have few black actors in lead roles.

George Lucas, arguably one of the most successful filmmakers in history was unable to get financing for his movie “Red Tails“ that featured an African-American cast saying that distributors couldn’t market it.

Ridley Scott was panned for the casting choices and lack of diversity in “Exodus: Gods and Kings” but defended his film as he had to rely on tax rebates in Spain to get it funded, where they wouldn’t support a non-white actor in the lead role.

“Gods of Egypt” will be released in theaters February 26th 2016.

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