Celebrities take a stand with Cybersmile to launch this game-changing AI


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Leading entertainment figures are taking a stand with The Cybersmile Foundation to change the way people get help online through the power of artificial intelligence.

The organisation’s new AI, named ‘Cybersmile Assistant’ is capable of supporting more than 1 million internet users a day around the world, and is providing an intuitive support system that can help people with various problems such as anxiety, cyberbullying, mental health and sensitive issues. These include resources for people dealing with depression, online reputation attacks and sexting among others with the inclusion of in-depth articles and specialist helplines.

Today the charity announced that its AI would be available on its main website, Cybersmile.org where users can access the new smart assistant directly for free, and ask it questions by typing in questions directly into the interface.


Once a question is asked, Cybersmile Assistant will issue a response and provide a number of options for resources that people can access, allowing users of all ages to get information more quickly and efficiently without having to navigate the web to find content.

With strong support in the entertainment industry, Cybersmile Assistant is already gaining attention from organizations, leading experts in medicine and prominent figures who are embracing technology such as AI to improve the way people can receive support.

To coincide with the launch, actress and fashion icon Cara Delevingne along with singer Rita Ora and Instagram star Chessie King took part in the production of a short film to highlight the AI:

Cybersmile Assistant short film

Speaking this week with Cybersmile about the AI, Cara Delevingne said that she was:

“happy to support the launch of something as necessary as Cybersmile Assistant. Too many people are struggling to find the help that they need.”

Cybersmile Assistant will be able to scale its resources quickly to people wherever they are in the world, whether they’re watching a movie, visiting a friend or out and about. As traditional services struggle with so many users with different needs, the technology of AI brings an opportunity for organizations to bring help directly to devices on-demand wherever the user is. With every interaction, the AI also becomes smarter and its responses will improve over time with its machine learning capabilities.

The AI’s development has been funded by cosmetics brand Rimmel London which has supported Cybersmile’s efforts after announcing a partnership with the foundation last October.

With mental health support becoming a key focus for brands, organizations and individuals in the entertainment industry and elsewhere, the use of AI brings a new level of interaction that is just in its infancy. Could this be the beginning of a technological breakthrough?

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