Celebrities rally behind Sea Shepherd Founder Paul Watson

The campaign for Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson's release is picking up pace with several media personalities including Baywatch star Pamela Anderson calling for his freedom.

The conservation society founder  was arrested in Germany on May 13th in connection with an incident that took place with a Costa Rican fishing vessel back in 2002. Watson faces extradition to Costa Rica in what many have called a "death sentence" for the conservation acvitivist.

The Sea Shepherd founder faces an uphill battle for freedom after being released on bail but celebrities have asked the German authorities to look closer at the case. Watson has accused the fishermen of extortion, and they have demanded a $200,000 settlement according to a report in the Latimes.

In the past week the official Sea Shepherd website has posted several videos of support for Watson. Sea Shepherd held a special screening for their feature length anti-whaling documentary 'Confessions of an eco-terrorist' at last year's Cannes Film Festival. The organization regularly uses videos to highlight issues affecting wildlife to raise awareness in the interest to preserve natural habitats.

Celebrity support

Pamela Anderson

Perrey Reeves

Bob Barker

Zach Callison

Sea Shepherd Founder letter:

I remain a prisoner in Germany in a case that has become highly unusual, controversial and international.

On May 13th, 2012, I was arrested at Frankfurt airport in Germany because in October 2011, Costa Rica issued an order for my arrest and extradition for an incident that had taken place in 2002.

That incident involved a confrontation between the Sea Shepherd crew and a poaching vessel that we caught finning sharks in Guatemalan waters. We were given permission to intervene to stop the killing of the sharks by the Guatemalan government. No one was injured and there was no property damage but the Costa Rican poachers accused us of endangering their lives.

And 10 years later I found myself arrested in Germany because of this complaint.

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