Casting scam alert issued to actors in Hollywood

A new casting scam is targeting actors in the Hollywood area where they are being asked to provide nude pictures of themselves to qualify for an audition.

The scam alert was issued by one of the largest casting firms in Los Angeles urging actors to avoid any such contact with the individuals who are acting as rogue casting directors.

Central Casting, based in Burbank was quick to notify its members of the individuals and issued this message via their official Facebook page:

"It has been reported that individuals are impersonating Central Casting casting directors and requesting nude photo submissions. Please note that Central Casting DOES NOT ACCEPT and NEVER REQUESTS nude photos. Should you receive a message from someone stating they are from Central Casting and are requesting nude submissions, this is a scam, and you should ignore the request."

In a separate incident, this week LA casting director Debra Zane was targeted by a scam in Canada, where a fake workshop was setup with her name attached, asking attendees to fork out $149 to participate in the class.

How to avoid casting scams

Over the years we have seen a variety of fake casting ads asking actors to provide a lot of personal information and even financial information in order to qualify for an audition. Several Hollywood films fell victim to a similar casting scam where actors were being approached by a fake casting director who used message boards and forums to post false auditions.

Actors can check out some common sense tips from SAG-AFTRA to understand the regulations regarding auditions and fees. There is also a contact number for background artists to enquire about the hiring process of actors. If you are preparing for auditions you can also get some tips from Reality TV casting expert Sarah Monson.

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