Casting director reduced Selena Gomez to tears

Selena Gomez recently revealed that a casting director reduced her to tears when she first started out as an actress at age 11.

The teen sensation has come up since that eye watering day, but what she faced is a hardship other actors must deal with. The actress overcame the incident and today she is a rising star for Disney and a UNICEF Ambassador. She is even in several hit music videos with millions of views, countless remixes and the envy of many young up coming talents.

While the casting director was not named directly, he or she, made a lasting impact on her determination to succeed, and people can learn like she did.

Young actors who are just starting out in the business will often find it hard to cope with criticism because if feels like a personal attack.

Although casting directors shouldn't overburden their actors at the audition, their job is after all to be as critical of a performance as possible. The casting director on a big budget film has an important role to find the right cast.

Selena Gomez on her acting meltdown

Selena Gomez - When I was 11, I had a casting director say to me, You re not strong enough to carry your own show. You re not strong enough to be part of the Disney Channel. I cried all the time afterwards but I just kept on working hard.

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