Casey Affleck’s new film is based in a world without women

Casey Affleck’s “Light of My Life” is making headlines at the Berlin Film Festival for its controversial storyline that depicts an apocalyptic world where there are no women.

Conceived prior to the #MeToo era, Affleck’s film is about a father trying to protect his daughter in an apocalyptic world which he wrote, directed, produced and starred in.

Premiering on Friday night at the Berlin Film Festival, the film stars Anna Pniowsky, Elisabeth Moss and Tom Bower.

Surprisingly, the film’s production company at the time of writing has not uploaded a trailer to any major platforms and there are few details about the film’s plot. You can however see this teaser below.

Teaser “Light of My Life”

Originally green-lighted for production in 2016 prior to the sexual abuse scandal in Hollywood and Time's Up era, “Light of My Life” has received early mixed reviews with IndieWire giving the film a 3/5 rating. Variety on the other hand states that “there’s so little of impactful dramatic value going on in “Light of My Life.” The title is a clue.”

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