Cara Delevingne, Zoe Sugg take a stand on Stop Cyberbullying Day


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Cara Delevingne and Zoe Sugg joined a host of stars on Stop Cyberbullying Day to address the growing problem of online abuse and harassment.

In an interview published on Friday by The Cybersmile Foundation, Sugg revealed that she had personally been targeted by cyberbullying and abusive comments: “Some days it goes in and cuts deep and other days I let it wash over me. Either way I try my best to not let it affect my day and put my energy and focus into the things and people who are important to me,” said Sugg.

Rising to prominence on YouTube following the launch of her channel ‘Zoella’, Sugg has amassed over 40 million followers and more than 1 billion views since she started vlogging. The star recently launched a new video effects app for iOS called filmmapp that helps filmmakers add colourful filters to their mobile videos.

Sugg also wanted to see social media platforms do more to deal with cyberbullying online, and content that promotes eating disorders and self harm: “I’d also love to see social media platforms take more responsibility for users who exude abusive behaviour.”

Cara Delevingne also pledged her support on Stop Cyberbullying Day, after research carried out by Rimmel revealed that over 115 million images are deleted every year due to beauty cyberbullying. Delevingne said: “It’s time to take a stand and spread more love.”

Delevingne previously supported Cybersmile in a campaign video for the launch of the #IWillNotBeDeleted initiative in partnership with Rimmel London to fund a new AI that can help over 1 million people a day who are facing issues related to online abuse.

Little Mix also pledged their support, launching their #ChooseKindness campaign on Stop Cyberbullying Day.

Singer Rita Ora showed her commitment with a message of support on Twitter and in Australia, more than 300 Internet personalities and bloggers took part in an initiative launched by fashion label Auguste called 'Hero'.

Lifestyle blogger Chessie King, best known for her viral Body Positivity video also appeared in a short film that was released by Cybersmile on Friday.

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