Canon EOS 7D: Review

The Canon 7D has been the DSLR of choice for many filmmakers these past two years for a wide range of reasons. It's an affordable, hands on DSLR camera for the indie filmmaker, journalist, or even music video director who wants to play with visual aesthetic and get a full HD picture. The Canon 7D can work with a big range of prime lenses, and has a good battery life compared to other models we have tested. You can store a lot of data on 32GB Compact Flash card for example, that slots right in, so you can shoot a take for 8 minutes straight in full HD. The downside: It does tend to overheat on long shoots, especially in hot outdoor weather after a few hours, but this is a small inconvenience that you will find with many DSLRs because you are cramming in so much data onto a small card, it gets very hot. Lets go into more detail:

What we like about it

The Canon 7D has been a big player in the indie film scene, and has innovated DLSR filmmaking thanks to its high quality HD features, and portability. It's a great product for shoots of all kinds from music videos to features, and with a wide range of lenses you can add to it, you can pretty much get any desirable look you want. It shoots beautiful footage, and it's colour depth, and long list of menu functions, and manual tweaks makes this a highly customisable gadget at the low end cost of the market. Already on sale for more than 2 years , the 7D is one of our favourite gadgets because you can do so much with it, and get very high production values. We have used it for all our interviews, combined with the Rodemic (and a few extra batteries) which fits nicely on the camera body for a quick point and shoot. And one more bonus (if you do drop it) it's pretty sturdy, so it will take quite a beating and still work great. (although try to avoid throwing your camera on the ground, even if you do get upset).

Tech Specs

  • 18 MP CMOS Sensor
  • Full HD 1080p 25p 720p 25p
  • Up to 6400 ISO expandable to 12800 for ultra low light
  • Compact Flash Card Slot
  • 19 point AF System
  • AF modes - AI Focus, One Shot, AI Servo/ manual focus
  • Exposure control, metering modes, metering range
  • Sound input (mini-jack)
  • Many more features (check BUY link for expanded list)

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