Cannes Film Festival launches hotline to support victims of sexual harassment and abuse


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The Cannes Film Festival today announced in partnership with France’s Ministry of Gender Equality that it would be providing a hotline for victims of sexual harassment and abuse.

Launched today, the hotline will be available from 9am to 2am local time through to May 19th.

Releasing a statement just a few hours before the opening ceremony, the Cannes Film Festival expressed its zero tolerance for sexual harassment or abuse and “decided to take a firm approach to preventing sexual harassment, and to stand shoulder to shoulder with victims.”

Cannes Film Festival Support number

+33 (0)4 92 99 80 09

“By calling this number, victims can share their experience with Festival teams, who will listen, offer support and, if desired, provide guidance and assistance for any important next steps (going to the police station or the hospital). The caller can also be put in touch with a victim support charity.” - Festival de Cannes.

Festival attendees can also get in contact via the official support email for harassment, violence or abuse related queries: [email protected]

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