Can we expect to see more gay characters in movies?

When President Obama made his announcement about supporting gay marriage, it struck a chord that was met by praise and condemnation from both sides of opinion. Will the film industry take note of a popular movement towards gay marriage rights?

Some of the strongest advocates of gay rights have been entertainment personalities such as Ellen DeGeneres, but will Hollywood adapt stories and characters around the subject to screen? Comic books, which have featured gay characters in the past have been ahead of the curve such as the controversial release of 'The Marriage of Kevin Keller' by Archie Comics this past year. Marvel will also release this summer 'Astonishing X Men' No 51, where gay superhero Northstar gets married. Can we also expect to see a rush toward more openness in films when it comes to the topic?

It's a difficult subject for many, and there will be a lot of people opposed to such values being placed into movies, but others will be happy that this cultural divide has finally been adapted to screen, and acknowledged in a major way.

What do you think? Can this subject be more mainstream in movies over the next few years?

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