Can Bill Cosby ever recover from these allegations?

16 women have now come forward along with an ex-NBC employee effectively ending Bill Cosby's previously respected image and reputation.

Whether the sexual assault allegations being brought against Cosby are true or not doesn't erase the damaging news headlines day after day, eroding his public profile. Cosby's lawyer has been highly critical of the journalism around the reports from each victim, some of which have made videos and even had their stories debated on CNN.

This past week both NBC and Netflix postponed shows with Cosby following the allegations but as more alleged victims come forward it is becoming increasingly difficult to see any angle in which he can escape 'looking clean'. With Cosby's reputation on the fall, broadcasters and sponsors have no choice but to put things on hold or cancel completely.

The serious nature of these abuse allegations go back for decades, and it's not the first time we've heard these kind of rumors and statements before. If it turns out that the allegations were false or misleading in a trial, would Cosby escape to find his career waiting for him again? It's not exactly looking like it will.

Women come forward claiming sexual assault

Over the course of 2014 there have been several high profile cases of abuse in both the U.S. and the UK. Publicist Max Clifford, advisor to the stars was convicted of multiple assaults spanning several decades. He was given an 8-year sentence while over in Hollywood Bryan Singer and several other execs were accused of sexual abuse. The lawsuit filed against them were then dropped but do people ever regain the public's trust once this happens?

Is it fair to say, that this could be the end of Bill Cosby's career?

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