Can Arnold Schwarzenegger become "The Legend of Conan"?

30 years later and Arnie is about to do it all over again. Can Schwarzenegger become Conan again?

Universal are planning a sequel to 'Conan The Barbarian' which will star Schwarznegger as the sword-jabbing, one-liner muscle barren hero once more. It was at the height of his bodybuilding career that Arnie became known for his role in 'Conan the Barbarian', when it was released back in 1982. Just two years later, he would become 'The Terminator' sealing him as a world action star, which later spawned three sequels.

Now that Arnold Schwarzengger is 65, is it really realistic to envisage him in this kind of role again? It's going to be a hard sell to the cult fanbase of those movies, but after flexing strength in 'Expendables 2' there may be a pleasant surprise to come.

Arnie will also appear in 'The Last Stand', which comes out January 2013. But, to keep you in the spirit of Conan, let's take a look at the 1982 trailer, and hope that the one that comes out next year, will be just as good.

Conan The Barbarian Trailer

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