Can 3D movies be revived in games and vice versa?

3D movies and the 3D industry as a whole has suffered in the past few years from some mediocre releases, price hikes, and bad overall publicity. Is there a way out for 3D beyond the scope of the cinema in the home of a gamer?

The transition between films and games has been part of our digital culture for many years. The idea of an FMV sequence; a film like sequence within a game, became a popular sub-plot phenomenon back in the 70s. Now the technology for in-game sequences has never been so good.

With 3D set to become a major format, will it capture the enthusiasm of gamers to the point where we could see 3D film productions being incorporated into some major releases and vice versa, back at the cinema?

Games like the Final Fantasy franchise have made it to cinemas, but they have never wowed audiences. 3D might be the way to create a more immersive connect for gamers who want to go to the cinema to see a feature length 'fmv sequence' of their favourite game.

Do you like video sequences in games? Would 3D enhance your experience of them? Can you give examples of games that have done this well?

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