Call girl left Google executive to die after injecting him with heroin

A call girl has been arrested following the death of a Google Executive who died last year on his yacht after being given an injection of heroin.

Recently discovered surveillance footage from the yacht's security camera revealed how the call girl, from the state of Georgia, did nothing to save Forrest Hayes, who was suffering medical complications following the drug intake. She failed to call 911 and instead, got her clothes, drank a glass of wine and quickly left the scene.

The incident occurred on November 26th and according to Mercury News, the woman, identified as Alix Catherine Tichelman met Hayes after connecting with him on a website which helps "Sugar daddies and sugar babies" meet.

The Santa Cruz police department devised a way to lure her by setting up a fake gig for a supposedly wealthy man who wanted to spend a night with her, offering $1000. She was then arrested on 4th July at a luxury hotel. Bail has been set for $1.5 million.

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