Hawker 900XP


Introducing the Hawker 900 XP

The Hawker 900 XP is a mid-sized corporate jet that excels in comfort with its luxurious interior design and spacious cabin. Hawker Beechcraft upgraded their hugely successful 850XP and made this newer model, faster, more efficient and updated it with an improved cabin layout. Private jet charter companies consider the Hawker 900XP to be a high quality, comfortable and very versatile aircraft. With a fully equipped galley, a private toilet area and lots of legroom it’s an ideal jet for business in the air without having to squeeze passengers into a small cabin. You could call it the sophisticated way to travel.


Galley with coffee maker, ice drawer, microwave, golf club / ski storage, wide-cabin, custom designed chairs, executive tables, flat screen monitors, swivel chairs.

Journey Type:

Mid / Long range

Additional specifications:

Range: 2,900 nm / 5,371 km
Passengers: 4-9
Maximum cruising speed: 861 km/h
Maximum Altitude: 41,000ft
Manufacturer: Hawker Beechcraft

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