Embraer Phenom 300


Introducing the Embraer Phenom 300

The Phenom 300 light jet expands on fuel capacity and interior cabin size compared to the 100 class, but exceeds in both comfort and design. In addition to the upgrade from the earlier model, Embraer has given the Phenom 300 increased speed for passengers wanting to get in and out of destinations more quickly. It’s an ideal ride for business executives to different offices within the host country and for couples to make a quick get-away. Again, Embraer’s galley facilities are some of the best according to private jet charter companies, making the Phenom 300 an impressive flying experience. On top of that, there’s a lavatory, which is always welcome for short-haul flights.


Sliding seats, retractable armrests, lavatory, sliding doors, basin, side-facing couch, external rear baggage storage, forward baggage compartment, galley, large windows

Journey Type:

Short / Mid-range

Additional specifications:

Range: 1,971 nm / 3650 km
Passengers: 6-11
Maximum cruising speed: 834 km/h
Maximum Altitude: 45,000ft
Manufacturer: Embraer

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