Embraer Legacy 600


Introducing the Embraer Legacy 600

Embraer’s Legacy 600 is a long-range heavy jet that can seat up to 16 passengers. The aicraft blends a luxurious design along with comfortable seating, and practical technology for an all-round flying experience. With a distinguished interior cabin that is separated into three parts, the Legacy 600 offers intimacy unmatched by its rivals, which gives fliers traveling in bigger groups the feeling of added space. Private Jet charter companies often find the galley onboard Embraer’s legacy plane as a top choice for those that enjoy food. It is fully equipped with kitchen utilities including an oven, refrigerator and a wine chiller. Guests can travel in style whether for business or pleasure and the Legacy 600 delivers both for a luxurious travel experience.


Galley, Baggage, lavatory, 2nd optional lavatory, Wifi, VoIP, 2x flat screen monitors, refrigerator, wine chiller, expresso machine, microwave, oven, separate cabin zones

Journey Type:

Long-range / Intercontinental

Additional specifications:

Range: 3,400 nm/ 6,297 km
Passengers: 8-16
Maximum cruising speed: 834 km/h, 518mph
Maximum Altitude: 41,000 ft
Manufacturer: Embraer

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