Consulting services

Film Industry Network provides consultancy services to companies in the entertainment industry, supporting their marketing and branding efforts to sell more products and services. Whether you are looking to upgrade your websites, re-brand or build a bigger online presence for what you do, we can provide training and one-to-one consultancy to help you achieve incredible results.

With our experience in delivering content experiences to millions of readers around the world, we can work with you to develop your unique proposition to the market, show you how to leverage the assets you have to sell more, and share our unique formula in community engagement to drive sales growth and market awareness.

What we provide:

  • Training on how to build up your online community and increasing your followers
  • Training on how to gain huge organic traffic for your content
  • Consultancy on branding, positioning and messaging
  • Consultancy on customer psychology, converting audiences into buyers
  • Design and branding services to augment your assets (banners, social media covers, media kits and brochure design)
  • Web design services and infrastructure support (technical, hosting, upgrades)

Get in contact with us today and let us know what you’re looking to achieve.

What people are saying about us

Vicky Mather - Animator & Filmmaker

“Film Industry Network is a positive and great resource for new talent and film makers to shout about their work and share stories.”

Jesse Rosenblatt - Entertainment Attorney

“Film Industry Network improves aspiring filmmakers’ chances of breaking into the industry by providing insightful articles and how to’s with the input of a wide range of experts."

Séverine Melchiorre - Production Manager

“Hi everybody, I am a production manager in Paris. I would like to thank the Film Industry Network team for giving us so much information about the entertainment/cinema/TV/music universe that’s useful to amateurs and professionals as well."

Terence Bulley - Cinematographer


“I find that Film Industry Network is constantly improving. The interviews with filmmakers are always interesting and give an insight to an evolving industry."

Joshua Hardin - Composer

“In my opinion FilmIndustryNetwork UK is perhaps one of the most influential sources of current film news and reports in the United Kingdom."

Bivas Ambassada - Filmmaker

“Film Industry Network has been supporting up and coming filmmakers for a while, they have certainly supported me since 2009 and have always offered to support me in the best ways."