Cessna Citation Sovereign


Introducing the Cessna Citation Sovereign

The Cessna Citation sovereign is one of the most luxurious mid-sized business jets with a wide cabin accommodating up to 12 passengers in custom seating arrangements. With top quality seating arrangements and a private lavatory, the Citation Sovereign is touted as one of the most comfortable flying experiences to-date, according to private jet charter companies. It also includes a great range of storage facilities for anything from laptops to coats, and it packs great speed with an improved range. The Cessna Citation Sovereign is also one of the most cost effective planes on the market and has the ability to land in short distances.


Refreshment center, LED lighting, electric window shades, lavatory, 2x beverage tanks, navigation charts, briefcase storage, hand coat closet, custom seating arrangements, temperature controls, executive fold out tables, forward and rear baggage compartments, centerline closet

Journey Type:

Mid / Long-range

Additional specifications:

Range: 2,847 nm / 5,273 km
Passengers: 9-12
Maximum cruising speed: 848 km/h / 527 mph
Maximum Altitude: 43,000ft
Manufacturer: Cessna

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