Cessna Citation CJ2+


Introducing the Cessna Citation CJ2+

The Cessna Citation CJ2+ extends almost three feet more in length from its predecessor the CJ1+. Cessna’s CJ2+ boasts a larger interior and LED lighting providing a relaxing environment for travellers seeking extra comfort on a small jet. What is notable about the CJ2+ is that it provides a more spacious seating arrangement that we see in larger jets, and with enhanced sound proofing from the CJ+1 it makes it even more relaxing to travel.


Refreshment centre (mini-bar), storage cabinets, executive tables, pedestal seating, retractable armrests, nose baggage compartment, 2nd baggage compartment (capable of carrying skis), overhead lights.

Type of Journey:

Short range

Additional specifications:

Range: 1,613 nm
Passengers: 8
Maximum cruising speed: 774 km/hr, 481 mph
Maximum Altitude: 45,000ft
Manufacturer: Cessna

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